Youth Programs

ACC Programs for Youth

Youth Academic Tutoring 

Our after-school Tutoring program helps boost academic achievement for children in first to fifth grade. Tutoring targets math, reading, and writing by supporting the completion of homework and works with students on simple reading activities using a step-by-step reading curriculum. Tutoring is offered Monday through Thursday throughout the year.




Youth Service Learning

The Youth Service Learning program is a way for ACC to tap into the skills and strengths of youth from our local community and offer them an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. Students are trained as tutors for the Tutoring program and work with the elementary students to improve academic achievement.




Early Childhood Education

Childcare is offered with most of our adult programs in order to reduce the barrier that some families might face when trying to take a class. Our experienced childcare workers work with children to make their time in childcare meaningful by incorporating educational, nutritional and socio-emotional activities.





Exercise Programs

Youth Soccer

  • Sessions Per Week/Hours Per Session: 3 classes/1 hour
  • Number of Weeks: 12 weeks
  • Our Youth Soccer program incorporates the basic soccer fundamentals with the aerobic exercise that youth need for a healthy lifestyle. Sessions last an hour long and meet three times per week for 12 weeks. Each soccer player is trained by experienced soccer coaches who teach them soccer skills as well as including fun soccer games into each session. This program is offered at the main ACC-site as well as other sites in Aurora, in collaboration with Aurora Public school staff.



Youth Zumba

  • Sessions Per Week/Hours Per Session: 3 classes/1 hour
  • Number of Weeks: 12 weeks
  • Youth ages 8-18 are also invited to participate in our Zumba program. Zumba is an upbeat dance and fitness program that helps keep children active and learn healthy exercise habits. Children also enjoy learning all the fun dance moves involved in every class.



CATCH  pre-school

  • Sessions Per Week/Hours Per Session: 4 classes/20 minutes
  • Number of Weeks: 12 weeks
  • CATCH  is an exercise program targeted at preschool-aged children to promote a healthy lifestyle early in a child’s development. Classes meet four times per week to get children moving their whole body and having fun at the same time. The program also teaches children the basics of healthy nutrition. This program is offered at select sites, in partnership with Aurora Public schools.