ACC was founded in 2008 to address a gap in services for low-income, Spanish-speaking families in North Aurora.

We aim to increase access to health and access to education for all local families.

Our Mission:

Develop the capacities of underserved families, increase access to resources and promote social equity. 

Our Vision:

Foster healthy, interdependent communities by recognizing and engaging people’s capacities


Dr. Robin Waterman, Executive Director

Dr. Robin Waterman earned her bachelor’s degree from Bates College, with an interdisciplinary focus including anthropology and English. She later earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in education from Harvard University, specializing in administration, policy and social policy, after spending more than 20 years in the field of non-profit administration and community-based education. Dr. Waterman has founded and developed community-based education programs for low-income, culturally and linguistically diverse families in Denver, Aurora and Commerce City, also working in this area for three years in rural El Salvador and Mexico. Since 1999, she has worked in Aurora, promoting leadership, self-sufficiency and parent involvement in schools and communities. Dr. Waterman is bilingual and bicultural, and has demonstrated expertise in recognizing the strengths of Latino immigrant families and guiding low-income individuals to simultaneously access services and volunteer time toward program implementation. For these reasons, Dr. Waterman was hired by the Family Resource Center Association in 2007 to create the ACC, and was hired by the ACC Board in 2008 to serve as Executive Director.

Ingrid Wicker, Director of Operations

Biography forthcoming.

Teresa Torres, MPH, Programs Manager

Teresa Torres began as a volunteer at ACC in 2011 and has been a full-time employee since 2015. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado, as well as a master’s in public health from Capella University. Teresa was born in the United States but spent her high school years with her family in her parents’ hometown of Jalisco, Mexico. Prior to working at ACC, Teresa worked at the Tri-County Health Department, with the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. Teresa is a trained nutritionist, certified lactation counselor and licensed daycare provider with over 10 years of experience teaching preschool. Teresa is also a certified Health Insurance Navigator. At ACC, Teresa has helped families apply for public and private health insurance, as well as navigate community-based health resources. She also teaches a weekly Cooking Matters class at ACC. Teresa was recently promoted to the position of Programs Manager because of her demonstrated skill in the area of staff and program management. Teresa and her husband live in Denver with their son, Leonardo, and return to Jalisco, Mexico every November to be with extended family.

Nohemi Burciaga, Wellness Programs Manager

Nohemi Burciaga holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She began working at ACC in 2014 as a family advocate, drawn to the role by her desire to work with Mexican-American immigrants. Nohemi later became ACC’s Family Programs Coordinator, working alongside various community partners to implement parenting programs. In 2017, Nohemi transitioned to a role with Arapahoe County, where she worked in the Child Protection Services Division, providing parent education and case management through trauma-informed practice, and supporting parents in creating nurturing environments for their children. In 2019, Nohemi returned to ACC, where she currently works as Wellness Programs Manager, developing programs that meet the mental health needs of both youth and adults. Nohemi grew up in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Dr. Ivan Sosa, Health Access Specialist

Dr. Ivan Sosa holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in social work, and is a registered psychotherapist. He has received a number of scholarships to support his academic pursuits, including the McDonald’s HACER Scholarship, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Scholarship and the Latin American Educational Foundation Scholarship. Ivan was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, where he completed his elementary education. Ivan and his family later moved to the US, where they have lived ever since. Ivan has volunteered for the Rape Assistance Hotline and the Colorado Lawyers Committee (CLC), where he provided translation services to CLC clients, thereby enabling them to obtain pro bono legal services. Ivan would like to become a licensed clinical social worker and help expand ACC’s mental health programs and services. He has worked at ACC since September 2013.

Javier Garcia Arellano, Family Advocate

Javier Garcia Arellano has worked as a family advocate at ACC since 2015. He is a graduate of Regis University, where he studied marketing. Javier grew up in Zacatecas, Mexico and immigrated to the United States as a young adult. At ACC, Javier is a Certified Health Navigator with Connect for Health Colorado and has developed expertise in helping mixed status families manage the complexities associated with their differences in legal status. Javier is well-known throughout ACC’s local community as someone who brings a great deal of patience and compassion, as well as skill and knowledge, to his work helping families navigate a myriad of health care resources. In addition to family advocacy work, Javier leads Insanity exercise classes for adults and teens, and coaches CATCH exercise programs for elementary-aged children. Javier also helps promote ACC programs through social media and direct outreach, and recently helped redesign ACC’s website.

Mireya Davila, Family Support Specialist

Mireya holds a bachelor’s degree in human services from Metropolitan State University of
Denver. She began working at ACC in June 2013. As a first generation college graduate, and
child of Mexican immigrant parents, Mireya is passionate about working with the Latino
immigrant population. She brings exceptional understanding and insight to her work with
immigrant families. Her demonstrated skill and capacity in being responsible for program
management has meant that she is currently responsible for programs in the area of Family
Strength and Support.

Jenny Luevanos 

Biography forthcoming.

Odalis Hernandez

Biography forthcoming.

Anabel Garcia Castillo

Biography forthcoming.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets monthly to ensure that Aurora Community Connection is effective, viable and sustainable. In 2019, the Board is focusing on expanding ACC’s marketing and outreach efforts, planning fundraising activities and revising the organization’s strategic plan.

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board is a group of local representatives who meet monthly to discuss emerging community interests and needs. The insight and expertise of Community Advisory Board members informs ACC’s program development and strategic planning.

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