Adult Programs

ACC Programs for Adults



English as a Second Language

  • 2 classes/2 hours/week
  • Sessions: January-May and September-December
  • Our adult English as a Second Language courses are community focused and skills-based. Students are able to focus on authentic and relevant English skills needed for daily life. Level 1 and level 2 courses are available.



Citizenship Preparation

  • 2 classes/2 hours/week
  • Number of Weeks: 8 weeks per session
  • Our bilingual Citizenship course helps prepare students to become U.S. citizens. The 8-week course teaches students the information necessary to answer the 100 civics questions in addition to helping students learn how to fill out the application. Students also learn the English needed to pass the citizenship exam and interview.



Healthy Living

Chronic Disease Management Class (Tomando Control por Tu Salud)

  • 1 class/2 hours/week
  • Number of Weeks per session: 6 weeks
  • This class aims to help participants understand the relationship between healthy eating, exercise and managing a chronic disease. Participants can currently have a chronic disease or have risk factors, such as family history.  The 6-week class meets in a support group setting and provides information on eating healthier foods, managing stress and maintaining physical activity.


Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Sessions Per Week/Hours Per Session: 1 class/2 hours
  • Number of Weeks: 16 weeks
  • D.P.P. is designed specifically for individuals who are at risk for diabetes. The 16-week program is a curriculum-based support group led by a lifestyle coach.  Participants aim to eat healthier meals, maintain physical activity and lose up to 7% of their body weight with motivation from each other and their lifestyle coach.

Cooking and Nutrition Classes

  •  Sessions Per Week/Hours Per Session: 1 class/2 hours
  • Number of Weeks: 6 weeks
  •  Our Cooking and Nurtition classes focus on teaching families how to prepare healthier meals on a budget. Students also learn how to include the five food groups into their diets. The 6-week program provides healthy recipes as well as tips for saving money on groceries. Participants leave every class with all groceries necessary to prepare the meal they discussed and prepared in class.


Zumba at City of Aurora

Adult Zumba

  • Sessions Per Week/Hours Per Session: 3 classes/1 hour
  • Number of Weeks: 12 weeks
  • Zumba is a fun and high energy fitness class that involves both dance and aerobic elements while focusing on total body fitness. Classes are an hour long and taught by a licensed Zumba instructor. This exciting fitness class helps participants to have fun while exercising.


Parenting Support


ABC’s of Parenting

  • Sessions Per Week/Hours Per Session: 1 class/2 hours
  • Number of Weeks: 8 weeks
  • The ABC’s class is designed for parents of preschool-aged children. The class is facilitated by an experienced psychotherapist who talks to participants about their children’s social and emotional development. Participants also gain new skills related to understanding and responding to the various issues that may arise in parenting. Simultaneously, the children of the participants meet in a separate group where a trained therapist leads the children through fun activities aimed at addressing the same topics being discussed with their parents.

Nurturing Parenting Program

  • Sessions Per Week/Hours Per Session: 1 class/2 hours
  • Number of Weeks: 12 weeks
  • N.P.P. targets parents of elementary-aged children and aims to help parents acquire the skills needed to navigate the parenting journey. Topics include discipline, development, family roles and empathy. The program is facilitated by an experienced psychotherapist. The children of the participating parents meet in a separate group with a trained facilitator who uses fun activities to also address the same themes being presented to their parents.